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We provide individual and group surf therapy sessions to assist you where you are feeling stuck.


At times we find our FLOW states, and at times we need a little support through our emotional challenges before we can connect again with our bodies and the Ocean without forcing our will against the conditions.

Whether you are an experienced surfer or just beginning to build your surf practice, SURF THERAPY allows for safe and mindful process of integrating life and ocean concepts to help interweave your challenges with strengths. Each session begins where you are at, and ends in gratitude and stoke. For more resources on Surf Therapy click here.


Gaia Pazienti has been a soul surfer since her first ever session at 14 years old and spent much time thereafter surfing southern Californian and north Mexican waters, as surfing had become her personal outlet of connection and healing.  She first encountered formal surf therapy in 2014 working for Shaka Surf Club supporting people with disabilities and adolescents in rehabilitation programs to develop a deeper connection to themselves, one another and the natural world through surfing and movement.   Since that time, Gaia witnessed first-hand the profoundly transformational effects that surfing and ocean play have on the human being - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  She feels it is her personal mission in life to engage others in Ocean connection, healing and community to strengthen human awareness of life's interdependence, and thus assist to co-create a more harmonious and peaceful world.  ​ Gaia souls from the SF, Bay Area

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Dave Scher is a California native with an adventurer’s heart.  He is passionate about helping people heal and transform their lives.  A lover of Nature and lifelong surfer and ocean advocate, Dave brings a special approach to his sessions in the ocean and on land.  He combines somatic training with a person-centered humanistic approach that honors the wisdom of all people.  Dave believes that every individual knows their own story best and has the right to live with a free heart.  Dave has had a long and rewarding career as a professional musician and has also trained in qi gong and been a practicing sound healer for over 10 years.  He brings a holistic, deeply caring, and sensitive approach to his work with surf therapy participants.. ​ Dave souls from Ventura, CA

Our goal is to match you with the best fit when considering finances, experience, and specialty from each of our surf therapy providers. Please inquire below for availability and locations 

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