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Our Team

We're grateful for such a passionate and dedicated team of visionaries and doers!

Waves of Gratitude 

“When the ripple recognizes its true nature as the ocean, that is a magnificent thing.” - Eckhart Tolle

Many organizations and individuals have helped in the creation of OceanFlow Collective — it is certainly not a solo effort. We accept suggestions from our community and that is a huge part of how we strive to achieve accuracy and sensitivity in our portrayal of the evolution of our journey in surf therapy and stories in grief and love.  

That being said, there are a few organizations and individuals who deserve special mention:

alex greenwald, amelia waliany,  amy schuman lynch, anna cho, astrid kotila, audrey ellis, blake slavik, dana marie (nielsen) ahmed, elizabeth guzman, elsa rivera, gaia pazienti, gail valpreda slavik, janine ellis, jenny huang, joanne queano, kacey dodd, kianna miller, kris primacio, linda judge, lucas slavik, marty mccall, meghan (hanebutt) mcdaniel, misia bruski, monica kotila, mylah de la rosa, sandy worm, scott ellis, suzanne zadeh, tiffany refuerzo, veronica ortiz, xavier slavik


Founder's Story 


Ocean flow collective™ was founded on the principle that all beings deserves compassion, connection, and someone to bear witness to their story on the ocean’s shore.


From our earliest days our founding team has engaged and inspired members of the ocean and surf community to be the difference between facing life’s most difficult challenges, such as grief, alone or together.​  


OceanFlow Collective™ exists to strengthen the bonds of humility and compassion amongst individuals seeking inclusive, authentic and caring communities in/with/by/for the Ocean.  By providing a framework of accessible and credible somatic and eco-therapy models, we aspire to inspire others to channel resilience, sensitivity, joy, creativity, wisdom and healing, in reciprocal relationship with the natural world.  

OCEAN:  The ocean, whether in physical or conceptual space, is the playground where we become closer to self and others.  


FLOW:  Flow is an internal state of ease and deep purpose in action.  Being in, on, near or around water and other blue spaces, inspires the flow that comes when we are deeply listening and engaged in our own storytelling and with others in community.



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