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The ocean flow collective™ was founded on the principle that all beings deserves compassion, connection, and someone to bear witness to their story on the ocean’s shore.


We create and innovate brave space for surf therapy programs, communities and individuals to connect resources, focus, and flow.

Our programs

The most effective approach to enhance an ecosystem - according to biologists - is by increasing its connections with itself. Similarly, in dealing with the complex challenges we encounter, surf therapy providers and leaders need to bridge the gaps between differences that often separate us. It is crucial to inspire, strengthen, and establish connections across various cultures, orientations, generations, sectors, and disciplines.


oceanflow collective is honored to announce programs with a wide range of cutting-edge sea’grassroots’ surf therapy providers, clinicians, and individuals, actively developing blue space communities to reduce isolation and loneliness through storytelling and ancestral wisdom. 


These leaders meet their community where they are at.  They lead with heart, demonstrate compassion in their approach, and are dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier blue space environments.  They recognize that there are no definitive singular solutions and courageously collaborate to explore diverse approaches to surf therapy.  

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