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Hydro Theory's is OceanFlow Co's clinical practicum arm whose vision is to foster Healing, Self-Care, Community-Care, and Co-Creation accessing the elemental powers of nature and the soul.


Using the Water element, Hydro Theory provides space within the ocean’s realm that fosters waves of change within and beyond the self.  Through the process of Recovery, Revival and Renewal, we aim to dive into spaces of transcendental growth and perspective.

We believe in the power of compassion towards self, others and our Earth. We believe in the need to embrace diversity, inclusion, and belonging in every aspect of our organization from program development through the healing process on individual, systemic, universal, and conceptual levels.

This intention allows our process of healing to be sustainable and ever-creative, allowing water drops to grow into waves of change. Through Surf and Ocean Therapy program development, research and design, implementation, and management, we focus on integrating Best Practices and providing eco-related interventions in the community space. Our experiential training and community programs equip our passionate team of professional volunteers to help support within and beyond the self, agency and community.


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