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Im.PACT & Volunteers

Im.PACT (Im. Peer Advocate Care Team)

oceanflow collective's (OFC) surf therapy providers and peer advocates aim to reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness among eight different locations as they help those in community navigate through some of life's most difficult challenges. Using our highly relational peer support model, Im.PACT provides 1-on-1 and group-level support services including:​


community stewardship based on active listening and compassionate presence that is non-judgmental and non-directive.


ocean awareness and surf readiness training to maximize time spent in nature.


health and wellness services for community members.


community stabilization through education, advocacy, and potential access to emergency resources.


Oceanflow Collective has volunteers which support the organization through


data if you'd like to do work independently and at your leisure to help our programs.


public policy if you want to help community education and learn more about the language around surf therapy, system values, or yourself.


fundraising if you want OFC to have a powerful, well funded future that is sustainable,  join us to lend your fundraising skills or learn how to fundraise.


communications if you're interested in how we communicate and want to be in a shared space with leaders to discuss and analyze news, including the biggest topics on our communities' and the surf therapy community's minds.


Most volunteers convene independently for social, educational, philanthropic, and surf-related hangs. Volunteer members are given opportunities to serve on various committees in the Volunteer Council.

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