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Social isolation, loneliness, and grief are significant public health issues of our time.  

Our community leaders are actively working on it. 

OceanFlow Collective is where compassion and community meet to fundamentally reshape the experiences surrounding life’s most challenging, yet universal experiences, such as grief. 

We create this future in community by resourcing ocean & surf therapy programs to connect, focus, and flow.


"Being by water: in it, near it, or around it, quiets all the noise, all the distractions, and connects" (Blue Mind, Wallace J. Nichols)

By funding and empowering climate justice solutions we also work towards a healthier and more resilient ocean environment and further preserve it for future generations.

The most effective approach to enhance an ecosystem - according to biologists - is by increasing its connections with itself.  It is crucial to inspire, strengthen, and establish connections across various cultures, orientations, generations, sectors, and disciplines.


These leaders meet their community where they are at.  They lead with heart, demonstrate compassion in their approach, and are dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier blue space environments.  They recognize that there are no definitive singular solutions and courageously collaborate to explore diverse approaches to ocean + surf therapy.

Waves of Grief Collective


The leaders of the Waves of Grief Collective  aim to foster a sense of community, connection and comfort while creating new and meaningful experiences in integrated grief at the ocean's shore.  

Now at 7 beach locations in Hawaii, Washington, and California, they offer a donation-based Second Sunday Community Session for those who are experiencing grief, trauma, or loss.

The hope is that those who opt into Waves of Grief create their own sustainable therapeutic process in nature that is held and supported by the community fostered in the program

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